On the same day application is submitted

  • You may download application from our website and submit the physical application form to the bank along with the required documents.
  • If you already have a CBM USD account, you may use digital banking to create a new MVR savings account.

CBM Digital


  1. Self-Registration is available only for Personal Customers. Self-Registration Process can be completed if the Mobile Number has been updated in the CIF. However, the CIF should also contain the Email Address for the Digital Banking Unit to enhance the Access Level from Inquiry Level to Full Access Level. Hence, if the Mobile Number and/or Email Address are not up to date, the customer should visit the nearest branch and update them.
  2. Corporate customers can be enrolled to CBM Digital by using the CBM digital application from available under application forms CBM Digital.

Customer will be able to register to the application with a User Name and a password of his choice.

  1. Go to digital.cbmmv.com on a Smart Phone or PC.
  2. Click Enroll to CBM Digital
  3. Enter the NIC Number (or Passport Number if applicable) and one of the Account Numbers. Complete the CAPTCHA Verification and click Next.
  4. If the customer has already enrolled to CBM Digital, the following error message will be displayed. ( Else, the registration process will continue)
  5. Enter the registered Mobile Number with the Country Code. CBM Digital works with both local and international Mobile Numbers
  6. if the Mobile Number is 7123456    Correct: 9607123456    Incorrect: 009607123456,       967123456,7123456
  7. If the entered details are incorrect or do not match the CIF data, the following error message will be displayed. Else, the registration process will continue.
  8. Enter the Verification Code sent via SMS. Click Next.
  9. Enter a Username and a Password according to the given criteria. Re-enter the Password to confirm.
  10. Read and agree with the Terms & Conditions and click Submit.
  11. Upon successful registration, the customer will be taken to the Home Page of CBM Digital. The customer will also receive a Welcome SMS and Email via the registered contact information in the CIF. He/she will initially be given Inquiry Level Access.

Password Policy:

  • Your Password must contain at least 08 characters and must not exceed 12 characters.
  • Your Password must contain at least 08 characters and must not exceed 12 characters.  
      -Capital letters (A-Z)
      -Simple letters (a-z)
      -Numbers (0-9)
      -Special characters (@, #, $, %, ^, &, +, = only)
  • Your Password must not contain;
      -04 or more letters or numbers in sequence (i.e. 1234, abcd, ABCD)
      -04 or more identical characters consecutively (i.e. 1111, aaaa, AAAA, @@@@)
      -Your Username
  • Your Password must not be the same as any of the last 05 Passwords you have used.
  • First time Passwords (of new users) and Reset Passwords (of existing users) will last only 07 days from the date of issuance.
  • Your user account will be blocked after 03 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts (i.e. due to invalid Password entry) and may be unblocked through Self-Unblock method.
  • Your Password

      Keying in the existing User Name provided by the Bank for online banking (in CAPITAL LETTERS) followed by the password.

      You can change password by yourself on CBM Digital, click to ‘forgot password or trouble logging in’

  • Password or username entered is incorrect and should be reset if the correct Password is unavailable or forgotten.
  • Account is blocked as an invalid password has been entered continuously for more than 03 times. Account should be unblocked. If the problem persists even after unblocking, Password should be reset.

      An invalid Username (A Username that does not exist in the system) has been entered.

CBM Digital App

      Download the CBM digital app from Appstore/Play store and key in the username and password. (New Customers have to use the self-registration first)

      If you have forgotten the app password please log in with your username and password first by clicking login with another user and by going to profile to manage the registered devices.

CBM Cards

      Minimum Gross Monthly Income for Credit Card Applicants: MVR 10,000/-

  • Visa Classic: Below MVR 15,000/ below USD 1,500
  • Visa Gold: MVR 15,000 – 49,999 / USD 1,500 – 4,999
  • Visa Platinum: MVR above 50,000 / above USD 5,000

      Use the card in the ATM and change the PIN number

      PIN is sent to the registered phone as a text message.

        Joining Fee: MVR 50 USD 5

        Annual Fee: MVR 50 USD 5

        However, all new cards issued to replace the already  issued ATM card will be free of charge.

      Not at the moment, but it will be enabled in the future

      Debit cards linked to MVR accounts cannot be used for overseas transactions. However, debit cards linked to USD accounts are enabled for overseas transactions.

      Yes, can be used in VISA enabled other bank ATM's e.g. BML, but subject to charges of that bank



        USD cards start with the number 4299

        MVR cards start with the number 4333

      Five years

CBM Loans

      Salary should be directed to CBM account at least for 1 month. Minimum salary should be MVR 10,000.

      Loan amount depends on income, repayment capacity and requirements.